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The 2 Montys Charity Wedding Events

$40100 RAISED


First Event
Auction date – 14/02/2020
Wedding date – 11/07/2020
Stanley Park
Supporting Starlight Children’s Foundation

Second Event
Auction date – TBA
Wedding date – TBA
Adams Peak Country Estate
Supporting RUNDIPG

You want the details… and we have em!

What is it?

The 2 Montys have teamed up with some of Newcastle’s best wedding vendors to create a complete wedding package that is fully donated by each of the generous vendors. We’re talking everything from jewellery to catering, venue to the honeymoon – it’s all donated in one epic package that is to be auctioned off at a live auction on Valentines Day, February 14, 2020 with 100% of proceeds going to Starlight Children’s Foundation.



We realised the power of community over competition and together with an incredibly generous wedding industry, we had the potential to raise some serious money for charity. And let’s face it, 2 Montys are better than 1.


What are the details?

Thanks to the very generous donations of some amazing local wedding vendors, we have created an all inclusive wedding package already valued at over $60k that we will be auctioning at a live auction on Valentines Day, 2020. What better day to auction off such an amazing package?! The package CANNOT be won, as this is NOT a competition. Instead, loved up couples will turn up on February 14, 2020, with their hearts and their wallets to bid on the most amazing wedding package and 100% of proceeds will be donated to our good friends at Starlight Children’s Foundation.
What an amazing story for a couple too – instead of paying all of the wedding vendors for your wedding, you get to donate the highest bid to Starlight Children’s Foundation.

When and where is the auction?

Valentines Day 2020 is auction day at Stanley Park in Fullerton Cove. Doors open at 5pm with the auction starting at 7pm.


When and where is the wedding?

The wedding will be held on July 11, 2020, at Stanley Park in Fullerton Cove.

The Venue

We got your venue, food and drinks covered!

The Memories

Memories will be remembered, with the help of photos and vids!

The Melodies

You wanna dance the night away, and now you can!

And all the rest

There is alot that goes into a wedding, we got you covered!


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More Info?

Who are these blokes…

We’re 2 Newcastle based marriage celebrants both named Monty – Monty King from Monty King Celebrations & Monty Haron from Holymatrimonty and together, we’re the brains and the brawn behind ‘The 2 Montys Charity Wedding Events’ which saw us raise over $34k in 2019 in our first event.


Pretty slim odds that there’d be two celebrants with the same name, but instead of being each others biggest competition, we decided to team up together and do something epic in the wedding industry.

Has this happened before?

You bet your bottom dollar it has. In 2019 we ran our first event and it was a huge success. We ended up with a wedding package worth over $60k and the final bid at auction was a whopping $34,500 with 100% donated to Camp Quality!

Check out our past events

Holla At Us

Need more info or register your interest to bid, drop us a line below.

    A HUGE shout out to YMC Photography (Click here!) for the awesome photos!

    A COOEE to Sam from Sajaro Invitations & Design (Visit Her!) for the sick AF logos!